Customers, clients, creditors, competitors and employees – every business has them and the more there are, the greater the risk of upset and dispute. Add to this the red tape of compliance with government legislation at many levels and the threat of a legal claim against you, your practice, its directors and managers, is a real risk.

Without doubt, management liability insurance is not just important, it is crucial for business survival.

Management Liability insurance will generally cover the following risks exposure:

  • Employment Practices – Protection against claims arising from employment practices (harassment, unfair dismissal being two common claims).
  • OH&S Investigations and Defence Costs – Protects the business entity and the directors against costs associated with OH & S and workers compensation investigations.
  • Breaches of Legislation – Designed to protect against suspected or actual breaches of legislation that your business is required to comply with.
  • Crime – Protects the business against dishonest acts by its employees, including theft of money or stock.

In today’s litigious society even small mishaps and disputes can lead to large lawsuits. The answer is Management Liability insurance… and Dental Essentials has a policy on that.

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